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This site is used to test web pages and other random stuff.

Shoutcast Tools
- ✓Winamp 5.61
- ✓Shoutcast DSP 2.3.5 for Winamp
- ✓Shoutcast DNAS Server

Open HLS Streams in iTunes

These links will open in iTunes media player.

HLS Audio Live Streams
Triple J
Triple M Modern Rock
HLS Video Live Streams
Mediacorp Ch 5
Mediacorp Ch 8
Mediacorp Ch U
Mediacorp Channel NewsAsia
VEVO TV Nashville

Test Streams

HTTP - plays in any media player and browser with Flash/HTML5 (iTunes, Winamp, VLC etc)
- BBC Radio 1 (128 kbps MP3)
- BBC Radio 2 (128 kbps MP3)
HLS - plays in HLS-compatible players and mobile browsers. (iTunes, VLC*, XiiaLive, Quicktime X, Safari, Chrome Android)
- BBC Radio 1 (48 kbps AAC+)
- BBC Radio 2 (48 kbps AAC+)

Supported Codecs

Supported media formats/players by web browsers.

Current HTML5 support status
- ✓Full Support: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer
- ✓OS-dependent: Firefox 21+, Opera
(see Difference between ADTS and MPEG Based Files)
- ✓Full Support: Chrome, Firefox 45+, Safari (local playback + live streaming)
- ✓Local Playback: Opera, Internet Explorer
Ogg Vorbis/Opus:
- ✓Full Support: Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Adobe Flash support status
- ✓Full Support: MP3, AAC in a .flv container
- ✓Local Playback: AAC

Web Players support status
- ✓JW Player 4 [Flash only]
- ✓JW Player 5 [HTML5 + Flash]
- ✓JW Player 6 [HTML5 + Flash]
- ✓jPlayer [HTML5 + Flash]

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